Amazing God Evangelization Initiative

This is a three year initiative aimed at re-kindling the light of faith and the enthusiasm of belief for Catholics throughout the overall Albany Diocese. This includes nurturing the faith of those who are already active and enthusiastic, seeking out those who have no particular church, as well as welcoming back those who may have left active participation in the faith and culture of the Church.

Amazing God! will focus on three key themes or modes of seeing and feeling God’s amazing presence in the world and in our lives. Those themes are:

  • Year three: Filled with the Spirit - focuses on the mission of Jesus and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our world (Fall 2012 – Pentecost 2013).                                                Where is the Spirit leading us?
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  • Year two: The Heart of Christ - focuses on the person and the work of Jesus as the ultimate gift of God’s love to the world (Fall 2011 – Pentecost 2012).                               How do we love as Christ did?

  • Year one: God is Love - focuses on the outpouring of God’s love and faithfulness throughout the course of history and most notably reflected throughout the Old Testament (Fall 2010 – Pentecost 2011);.    How has God loved you?


Amazing God
Amazing God

Open our hearts to live our faith fully
and share it freely with others.
Give us the courage to imitate you
for you are love.

Fill us with your spirit
that we may reflect the compassion
Present in the heart of Your Son.
And may the eagerness to share our faith
Bring a transformation to our diocese and the world.

Mary, Mother of the Church,
intercede with your Son
to bring about in each of us
a renewed enthusiasm for our faith.


The Catholic Community of Our Lady of Victory      55 North Lake Avenue, Troy, NY      518-273-7602