Faith Formation for Children in Grades K-6

These sessions begin on Sunday, September 16th and conclude in April, 2013. 

Registration is required

Sunday Mornings after 9:15am Mass (10:30-11:30am)

Monday* Evenings, 6:30-7:30PM (no Kindergarten on Mondays)

*Monday sessions are canceled for inclement winter weather if the school districts close school for that day.

If you are new to our parish or just new to Faith Formation, you may register anytime by simply calling the Faith Formation office for an appointment at 274-6269.

Our Catechists (those men and women who teach the children) are volunteers from among our parishioners, many of whom are parents of the children in Faith Formation sessions.  Certification training is provided by our Diocese and financed by the parish.  Mandated background screening and Virtus education is also a requirement. 

For further information please call Beth Casey, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation, at
274-6269 or email

Children in Grades K-6
The Catholic Community of Our Lady of Victory      55 North Lake Avenue, Troy, NY      518-273-7602.